Package Holidays Booking Channel.

Package Holidays Booking Channel.

The Facts.

Today's travellers demand dynamic, broad and personalised combinations of travel offerings.

Airlines must constantly be at the forefront of innovation, be holistic beyond their core product offering and offer a branded experience in their booking flows in an ever-demanding marketplace for centricity and funnel ownership.

Airlines, furthermore, face new traveller and product expectations, sales models, and need to find opportunities to optimise yield management through more flexible price and inventory management as well as opaque pricing. The "Flight+ Hotel," model driven by tour operators or OTAs, is the most common form of dynamic packaging and Airlines need to have technological capabilities beyond just a booking engine to compete.

However, new combinations, as well as packaging capabilities, are technologically possible, demanded by travellers and adopted by many Airlines.

Why Offer Packaging?

Target a New Traveller Segment

Own the funnel and the data of Travellers that would conventionally only book flights with your Airline and other products with alternative online players, instead of pushing Travellers to 3rd party Whitelabel sites, where you own no data and provide a fragmented experience

Diversify Revenues

Increase ATV by offering a holistic ecosystem and centric product offering you own the cart value that would not be conventionally reflected as ancillary top-line revenue

Optimise Margins

Take total control of how you intend to price, sell and offer products on destinations you fly to. Define and own margin distribution in a complete opaque pricing model. Allowing you to be tactical when selling distressed inventory that would normally go unsold. Uplifting load factors and optimising margins is something we endeavour to enable

Our Packaging Solution Proposition.

Dynamic Packaging

The economics of truly dynamic packaging is very compelling: real-time pricing allows suppliers to present price-competitive options to travellers while Airlines can define their product offering based on business needs. Our state-of-the-art dynamic packaging engine provides real-time availability and pricing options for travellers to select based on a plethora of options and variations from a range of global bed bank suppliers that are integrated into our platform and contracted by us or can be contracted directly with your Airline

Hybrid Packaging

Not always does dynamic packaging alone work for Airlines. With our hybrid approach leverage on DMC relationships to enrich a specific offering that is diverse and price relevant to your travellers. Travesys enables you to manage inventory allocations, blackout dates, per nightly rates and complex rules when selling directly sourced Hotel content from either our contracted supply chain or your own. We bundle packages with dynamic directly integrated flight options coupled with offline sourced Hotel content in a single cart checkout

Fixed Itinerary Packages

There is still a traditional package buying traveller, that prefers to buy off-the-shelf fixed itinerary packages. For this, we have devised a dedicated function to manage and upload fixed itinerary allocation-based packages that can be as simple or as complex with multiple components that come together based on rules you define. Travesys, also allows you to manage the complete fulfilment flow directly from our Heartbeat Admin Panel

Offline Package Selling

At times airlines prefer to gauge the potential and sell a completely offline processed holiday product. Travesys enables airlines to manage, upload and control all suggestive products on the platform. With this packaging option you can create dedicated landing pages that are based on a business need to promote

Event Based Packages

Many airlines partake in event sponsorships or offer MICE incentives to organisers for attendees to book their travel. Travesys enables airlines to manage dedicated landing pages with locked in promotional discounts and offers in a fully co-branded flow. Travellers can be directed to specific landing pages pertaining to events where all products can be bought under whichever flow you decide

Our 4 Step Plan.

We Analyse

We analyse the current state of play, by digging, probing and understanding all aspects of your business - we call this "The Today" Phase

Step 1

We Strategise

We now have an understanding of "The Today" and have understood the needs, having this knowledge we curate a comprehensive package product strategy - we call this "The Future" Phase

Step 2

We Deliver

Having "The Future" Strategy in place we now take this into realisation, using the Travesys Solution we implement and deliver all aspects. We call this the "Lets Do It" Phase

Step 3

We Manage & Monitor

Now having implemented the package product strategy, we manage, we monitor, reflect, analyse and audit the results for the success and learnings, We call this the "Lets Scrutinise" Phase

Step 4

Dynamic packaging has been growing and evolving - the Travesys Platform has been powering the creation of packages for over 10 years and is among the most sophisticated in the industry. The growth trend will continue to lead Airlines into launching a branded holistic, singular proposition for travellers to book their holidays

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