Travel Booking System for Key Government or Corporate Accounts.

Travel Booking System for Key Government or Corporate Accounts.

The Facts.

The government and corporate travel segment is a crucial source of value to airlines. Business travelers frequently fly in first-class cabins, reserve more flexible tickets, and purchase tickets closer to departure, all of which result in greater yields. This category of travel has contributed for roughly half of the airline industry's profitability despite making up just around 12% of air traffic prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The consensus is that government and corporate travel will return more slowly than leisure travel or visits to friends and family, notwithstanding divergent views on the timing of this recovery. Since many anticipate that some this category of travel may never return, competition in this extremely lucrative market is already fierce.

By creating the ideal mix of discounts and other benefits for each account based on their unique travel requirements and habits, airlines are able to protect their margins and their market share.

Why Offer a Dedicated Channel

Provide a Branded Experience

Provide a fully airline-branded or co-branded template to your partners. With our powerful theme management function, you can easily provide a fully branded experience to your partner in their colours and their logos. Simply deployed using our Platform functionality

Extend Value

Offer route deals or specific fare RBD's associated with tour codes to your partners. The Platform supports the ability to define fare and search parameters based on an extensive admin panel functionality where this can be managed

Offer Ancillary Products

Provide partners with more then just flights. Offer the plethora of ancillary products on the channel to support a higher ATV and stickiness to the channel

Track and Preempt

Detailed analytics provide data that is relevant for your business from search to book. Preempt trends and look to book ratio's to be able to offer the best deals and offers to your partners

Our Channel Proposition.

Content & Theme Management

Our flexible page builder and content management tool, allows you to manage tactical banners, landing pages, ticker messages, upsell and cross-sell messaging, SMS, Push Notifications and so much more - in other words, we enable you to cover the comprehensive footprint of the digital touchpoints to get the right message where it impacts the most


Showcase inline airline operating loyalty earn values based on defined parameters, so your partners can see instantly what they will earn for their respective bookings. Furthermore, launch a dedicated program for booker loyalty which can operate independently outside of your prime loyalty to further incentivise partners on bookings they make. The Travesys system comes with a comprehensive earn and burn engine that can be used turnkey

Billing & Mid-Office

Travesys provides enriched, visual analytics transforming the way you use data to solve problems—empowering you to make the most of your data. Access customisable dashboards to visualise your KPIs and identify new trends. Analyse your program’s performance and back your decisions with clear business metrics

Travel Approval Requests

With our travel approval request, functionality allow partners to define an approval flow before allowing travellers to book. This can be setup as a form and integrated into HR or ERP systems of the partner. Furthermore bookings will only be permitted once all approval flows are completed

Single Link Book

Once approvals are done, we send a Single Link to Book to the traveller with all approved travel parameters and traveller details locked into a deep link, the traveller simply selects preferred time of travel and books instantly

Traveller Profiles

The Travesys Platform supports a detailed profile management tool for travellers to store personal data, financial data and loyalty data in a secure profile to be used for ease of checkout. Furthermore, this data can be used by the airline to push relevant offers and promotions to travellers directly using our comprehensive marketing tools

Our 4 Step Plan.

We Analyse

We analyse the current state of play, by digging, probing and understanding all aspects of your business - we call this "The Today" Phase

Step 1

We Strategise

We now have an understanding of "The Today" and have understood the needs, having this knowledge we curate a comprehensive package product strategy - we call this "The Future" Phase

Step 2

We Deliver

Having "The Future" Strategy in place we now take this into realisation, using the Travesys Solution we implement and deliver all aspects. We call this the "Lets Do It" Phase

Step 3

We Manage & Monitor

Now having implemented the package product strategy, we manage, we monitor, reflect, analyse and audit the results for the success and learnings, We call this the "Lets Scrutinise" Phase

Step 4

You’d rather attempt to do something great than to attempt to do nothing and not succeed

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Our Accreditations.