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Our platform is loaded with features... Not BLOATED

We enable travel…

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The booking experience is part of the travel experience!

The travesys platform was developed as an experience driven solution delivering a feature rich and user intuitive travel booking and management experience for bookers and administrators alike. We simply don’t do what others do, we do more and better. Using cutting edge technology and a business first strategy, we have developed a singular solution that will deliver multiple solutions under one hood.

Our technology has been designed around two basic principles in all our thinking – To deliver Customer Value and to Simplify Business Processes. A consolidated technology platform that reduce the need for any travel business to manage multiple third-party relationships.

Our platform is loaded with features… Not BLOATED We enable travel… online
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What the travesys platform can do

Booking Engine

Conveniently search for a range of travel requirements with speed and precision. Search results are presented in an easy, user-intuitive way with a range of decision support data attached

Loyalty Engine

The travesys loyalty engine is a powerhouse of features to earn, burn points and manage. Points drive brand loyalty making it a key aspect of much business success today.


The travesys marketplace is a catalogue of thousands of market relevant products enabling rich content for loyalty programs offering a wide range of opportunities for customer redemption.

Who can benefit from the travesys platform?
Our services, products & brands


We don’t just create, we curate brands and cross channel campaigns!

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Business Consulting

Consultants that sit on the fence is simply not us. We like to be known as Strategists!

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Contact Centre

Customer service as much as you may think it is process driven it is actually driven by the customer!

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Functional Luxury
Clothing Brand

Your style is your Mood

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