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We enable travel for our partners using our collective expertise and delivery ecosystem

The managed solution advantage

The Managed Solution Service takes away the business burden of defining Earn & Burn rates, building a business and product positioning, managing inventory and developing campaigns and promotions to both acquire customers and optimise the ROI of existing ones. It can also be supported by platform management services with maintenance, optimisation and web hosting services included.

All this is taken care of by the expert Travesys team, so a business can focus on satisfying its customers and ongoing business success.

The Managed Solution services are:

Dedicated Team Deployment

The Travesys platform is an easily deployed ready-made white label product but some clients do require some modifications or additions beyond the core product. For this, we offer a dedicated technical team to develop, build, implement and maintain this enhanced platform. The dedicated team can also be retained to evolve the core Travesys product to ensure that it is consistently future ready and aligned to your growing business needs.

Telesales & customer support

Travesys has a full team of professional experts to fulfil a businesses’ complete call centre needs. Full end-to-end customer support is available for tasks right from managing queries to making bookings. The platform’s capabilities support live chat, booking support, post-booking support and outbound selling. The platform deploys a modern SIP based telecommunications system which allows partners to have local free phone numbers for customers to call into which are diverted to the central call centre. Furthermore, a comprehensive IVR with call routing system can also support effective targeted directional capabilities of managing call funnels to the right departments. The Travesys call centre is supported and staffed by multi-lingual attendants.

Product development, management & marketing

Travesys gives a business the option to have a full travel-centric team of planners, marketeers and designers on board. This team can be commissioned to develop the product marketing strategy and maintain ongoing brand communications whether traditional or digital. The strength in using a Travesys team to promote a product is not only in the years of experience behind them but having also created the technology, this team understands how to work with it to maximise ROI for better business success.

The following approach is employed for any new business bring to market strategy:


User acquisition is the lifeblood of any company. It's common sense, you can't make money without users. You can't grow and prosper without users. In fact, without users, you don't have a company at all.

So, to say that customer acquisition is important is underplaying the value of the most vital marketing campaign any business can put out there.

It costs five times more to acquire a new user than it does to retain a current one. Travesys provides many flexible ways to run acquisition campaigns and coupled with extensive marcoms support this platform ensures you reach the right audiences every time.


eCommerce companies that take on a structured approach towards conversion optimisation are twice as likely to see a large increase in sales.

  • You have 8-0 seconds to present a compelling headline and landing page.
  • After 8 seconds, the majority of users leave.
  • Approximately 96% of users that come to your website are not ready to buy.
  • The more landing pages you have, the more leads you are likely to get.
  • Product videos can increase purchases of the product by 144%.
  • A one second delay in your site speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • A/B testing is becoming the preferred method that brings many companies the most success.

Travesys fully understands the importance of conversion and enables businesses to have the freedom and agility to apply conversion tactics efficiently, right from its Admin Panel. From tracking ‘First to Last Click attribution’ to segmented campaign management Travesys has built in considerations for the most bespoke of tactics that businesses want to run.


Managing user retention rates is an incredibly important part of growing a
sustainable business.

The Travesys platform is all about building relationships with users, but also delivering on great customer service, engagement, and education which are more than just the right thing to do - they’re also good for business.

In order to help a business increase its own retention rates, the Travesys platform enables them to target portfolios based on advanced AI and BI, Helpdesk support, Live Chat and Intelligence based marketing to name just a few. This all helps to ensure retention, which in turn increases ROI.

Loyalty program development & loyalty marketing

The Travesys platform is also supported by a team of experts with years of experience in the travel loyalty space and can be offered to businesses in that domain. Strong market strategies for loyalty products can be created to develop a businesses’ brand and personality in line with this strategy. Furthermore, marketing plans and campaigns can be created that bring this new brand to market for acquiring loyal customers and building business growth.

This comprehensive process includes:

  • Identifying the ‘value proposition’ to promote a loyalty programme
  • Developing its sub-brand design and personality
  • End-to-end branding implementation
  • Detailed marketing plans for launch and continued growth
  • Creating design campaigns based on customer needs and aspirations
  • Using technology to personalise the benefits
  • Keeping tab on consumer trends with guidance on defining Earn & Burn rates
  • Full management of the loyalty programme as a stand-alone solution
  • Whether offline or online Travesys does it all, keeping a business owner in the loop at all times using state-of-the art project management software for easy tracking.