Consolidating and centralising multiple systems along with loyalty

Solutions For Airline.

Many airlines operate multiple systems with multiple suppliers. Managing these multiple relationships and digital assets can be both a nightmare as well as a terrible user experience. The travesys platform conveniently brings all of this under one roof, combining dynamic packaging with an end-to-end single cart transaction and advanced loyalty to lock-in customer spend and extend revenue opportunities.

Lock-in customer spend under one hood and extend business opportunities

Consolidated Inventory Management

Travesys is packed with features to allow optimized inventory management, from utilizing distressed inventory to enhanced ancillary sales, our platform makes it easy. Another powerful business tool is the ability to add directly contracted inventory into the online booking system making it even more versatile and adaptive for your business needs.

Dynamic Packaging for ancillary revenue

Acclaimed to be the best in the market, our Dynamic Packaging module brings a range of added revenue to every flight booking. Each booking can add a Hotel, Car, Excursion even a shop product. This total package price is shown all along the user journey and allows real packaged value of savings up to 40% to be passed to the end user, increasing revenue while presenting value to the customer.


Travesys comes with loyalty built-in. It is a fact that points drive brand loyalty, making them a key aspect of much business success today. Our loyalty engine allows Airlines to set tiers with a flexible system for multiple tier levels, linked to tier-based earn, burn and expiry rules, all at a click.

Single cart transaction

This advanced functionality allows for consolidated single payment for multiple carted items at check-out. The cart is at the heart of the platform’s flexibility. Users can simply place purchase items into a shopping cart building their cart contents with Flight, Hotel, Car and more. They can then view their selection and click to book them as a single transaction.

Versatile scalability

As a start-up you expect to grow and we ensure you are future ready for it. Built on the latest technology infrastructure, the platform has the ability to internet scale. Based on the user load and transactional volumes, the system automatically scales to provide optimal performance and robust system continuity.

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