enable travel.

The travesys platform is an innovative travel-centric eCommerce and loyalty solutions marketing and technology provider. A single consolidated solutions provider that bridges the critical services of Tech, Marketing, Loyalty, Fulfilment and Telesales, to optimise business success by employing the power of travel and hospitality. Built on a Plug-Customise-Play infrastructure it can be easily modified to deliver precise business functionality to a range of different industries.


enable flights

700+ Airlines bookable at a click with complete fulfilment services providing a truly comprehensive travel solution.

The Travesys flight module (both one way or two way options) comes with hundreds of scheduled carriers as well as low cost carriers, fully integrated into its booking engine for seamless customer bookings. There is also integration into the main GDS systems of Amadeus, Sabre & Travelport as well as LCC aggregators like Travelfusion.

enable hotels

A global hotel inventory of 470,000+ Properties using Expedia Affiliate Network Inventory is fully integrated into the Travesys platform, all available as prepay or pay at hotel options.

Furthermore, Platform Partners are empowered to self-manage any in-house contracted hotels and manage inventory directly from the Admin Panel.

enable cars

30,000+ Car Rental locations with international car hire companies adds to the Travesysplatform’s comprehensive capabilities. With CarTrawler’s rich Car Rental content Travesys provides 1,500 car rental agents at 30,000 locations in 174 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, we are currently integrating into Carnect Rental Cars, Uber and Careem to further enhance this car rental & chauffeur drive capability.

enable dynamic packaging

Accommodating the very latest in Dynamic Packaging we offer users real product value. Acclaimed to be the best in the market, the system, in seconds, and based on your input data, dynamically packages to display either flight or hotel first but with a full package price in real time. Search the options and select a flight or hotel first and then proceed to the second aspect of your package. The total package price is shown all along the user journey and allows real packaged value of savings up to 40% to be passed to the end user. Finally, a rental car or excursions can be added and a final package price is combined in a single-cart check out.

enable pre-packaged

This module allows end users to search offline for pre-packaged inventory and deals. These pre-packaged deals are not searched but are presented as pre-fixed offers and are best for users looking for good deals without the need to go through the search process. Once selected, they require passenger and date details to confirm availability. If available, the check out process here is a form submission and a customer ervice representative will call to close the deal.

enable suggestive dynamic holiday

Selectable pre-packaged deals based on budget, destination or travel experience but this time with convenient online payment check out. This module is where pre-packaged deals are presented to the end user and they can make a full booking of this deal through the online process. The itinerary is pre-selected for the user as a ‘best deal’ and can be purchased as is. This saves the users from the hassle of the search process and suggests they are getting a great deal.

enable excursion

Book from 50,000+ Excursions in 1,500 cities across 200 countries around the globe. Users are offered the convenience of pre-booking excursions, tours and activities at their destination thereby delivering on the experience of building a great holiday itinerary.

Users can choose from a wide range of activities like Hop-on, Hop-off bus tours, Opera, Theatre or Theme park tickets and more. Search can be easily filtered by personal preferences like Family-friendly, Culture, Food, Adventure and so on to select the ones that best match the holiday needs of the user.

enable points exchange

Make the most of points earned by having the flexibility to move them from one wallet to another. Reward points earned and collected in the user’s wallet can be transferred to other reward programs that the business is partnered with and that the user is a member of. For example Airline frequent flyer memberships or Hotel loyalty clubs.

enable statement credit

Statement credit is effectively a cash back feature. This allows users, when making any purchase, to convert points into an equivalent cash value and have that offset against the cost of their purchase at check out.

enable shop

The shop function allows a whole range of easily updated product inventory to build extended value around points. The shop is a central gallery presentation of products which can be managed from the admin function. As with the excursion feature, the shop is searched by filters; firstly by category and then by price. The selected item can then be multi-carted with other purchases for single-cart check out or as a single purchase. Payment can be made by points, payment card or a partial payment using both.

enable multi-cart check out

An advanced functionality allows for consolidated single payment for multiple carted items. The cart is at the heart of the platform’s flexibility. Users can simply place purchase items into a shopping cart building their cart contents, view the selection and then click to book them as a single transaction.