enable travel.

We enable travel for our partners using our collective expertise and delivery ecosystem

Booking Channels


Online booking capability

This allows the user to search for multiple travel options online, select the preferred package and complete the payment online via payment card or internet banking. Alternatively, the convenience of searching and selecting is retained online but the payment can be made offline should the user lack the ability to pay online. For those users who choose to pay offline, the system will issue an invoice which includes the booking details and the time limits within which payment should be completed offline.

The history of all bookings made by the user can be retrieved from the booking history module in the admin panel to make modifications, re-send eTickets and more.

CTO booking capability

There are two aspects of CTO booking, one is pay offline for the booking made online and complete the booking; second is to make the complete booking and payment at the CTO without going online. Each customer service representative at the CTO or branch will be assigned a unique login on the admin panel and this can be used to track the attribution of the booking. For those bookings made online and to be paid at the branch, the agent will be able to retrieve the booking using the booking reference numbers and re-price the itinerary. All bookings made by an agent on behalf of the user are synced back to the system online.

Offline booking tool

The admin panel has an offline booking tool which allows the customer service representatives to add elements, that are not available online to the booking. They will then be able to easily sync the bookings made offline to the online platform.

Some functions of the offline booking tool are:

  • Sync PNR
  • Import offline hotel booking details
  • Generate quotations
  • Send payment link
  • Retrieve status of payment, and more

Post Booking Services


Manage existing booking

Through this module, users will have the capabilities to manage their existing bookings online.

View and print eTickets and Vouchers, choose seats and meal preferences, edit personal details, update loyalty data, ensure points are registered to their purchase and even cancel the reservation or request for modification if needed.


The registered user’s dashboard is the command centre for all post booking or redemption and setting functionalities. Designed with a modern, informative widget-based layout, it gives users access to the most important information instantly in a snapshot. Furthermore, the profile management allows users to set preferences and booking details for future usage without the need of constantly adding the same details time and again, further enhancing the speed of check out. Adding seats and meals is also made very simple directly from the user dashboard.

Statement management

The platform has a statement generation function which has the capability to report the details of customer transactions or earn & burn values over pre-set timeframes and delivered conveniently to an inbox. Behaviour can be filtered by a range of different business need parameters.

Customer support

Considering the critical importance customer service plays in business success, the Travesys platform has strong customer service support features built in. A service representative is never far away and can be contacted in real-time through Live Chat, Email and Social Media. If a user appears lost or confused while booking, an agent can also initiate a support contact. Issues are dealt with swiftly or immediately escalated to a higher level for resolution using Zendesk’s deep integrated CRM system.