enable travel.

We enable travel for our partners using our collective expertise and delivery ecosystem


Intelligent content feature

The platform has the capability to show targeted content based on user’s locale, user’s persona or marketing strategy. In today’s busy world, people want to find lifestyle solutions fast and simply. This feature makes intelligent recommendations across the platform that supports this need thus making Travesys a truly intuitive travel advisor.

Flexible payment options

Our checkout module offers the user a choice of ways to pay. They can either pay by Credit Card, by Wallet Credits or from their rewards/loyalty programme or a combination of all three. A user’s Wallet Credits are shown clearly at the top of the page and can be either points based or the currency equivalent. Built-in intelligence offers only those options to pay that are based on availability of balance. If partial payment is chosen, then the user can set the amount of Wallet Credits to be used and it is immediately deducted from the displayed price showing the balance amount to pay. All these payments can also either be made online or offline through Sadad or visit branch option.

Suggestive selling & AI

Travesys employs Artificial Intelligence throughout the complete customer journey. This gives the ability to understand conflicting requests and make intelligent recommendations to support the user. For example, if a user has booked a hotel in London and then tries to book a hotel in New York for the same period, the platform can understand the contradiction and make suggestions that help and support the user’s booking process. When planning a holiday the Travesys platform can intelligently push other appropriate itinerary items, such as a hotel to a flight or a car to a hotel or even an excursion on a complete package. These work well because of the high level of relevancy making the suggested options a credible lifestyle addition to the user’s search.

Customised booking

Not all bookings are the same, some markets like the GCC, accept passengers to travel with their identity card and not necessarily passports. This can be set in the customised booking flow so the system asks only for the relevant information. All parameters of the booking flow can be modified and optimised in this way.

BI & Analytics

Travesys employs cookies to capture full and detailed behaviour data on users thus assisting in making business decisions that are more robust and intelligent. The data is all beautifully presented as clear infographics giving administrators an easy, visual reference of behaviour and statistics. Among other things, the Travesys platform allows administrators to see: number of bookings made, search to book ratio, number of registered members, number of logged in members, language preference and usage, web versus mobile usage, top 10 packages searched or booked, and so much more. All BI can be created based on the business demand. All these are not only simple to view but convenient to print with easy export to PDF or Excel functions.